Monday, October 31, 2022

2022 Annual HOA Meeting

 The meeting is set for Tuesday, November 29th, at 6:00 pm, at the Conover Police Departments community meeting room.  At least one CPD officer and the code enforcement officer will be present to answer your questions.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

September HOA Meeting a Success

We had a good turnout at the Police Department's Community Room.  Newly elected board members are Greg Huffman, Tracy Moss, and Debbie Webb.  We will do our best to provide the same excellent management that we have enjoyed these past 6 years from Kevin Beam and Angie Ehrenreich, and Barbara Beam.

We will be dusting off the Pipers Ridge Newsletter to keep our residents posted on important events - such as the reported break-in at a Pipers home this morning.  We'll also be setting up a Facebook page for exchanging information and keeping everyone well informed.

Friday, September 1, 2017

HOA Meeting

September 18th, 7:PM, at the Conover Police Department Community Room

Saturday, November 19, 2011

November Meeting A Big Success

We would like to say thanks to the many homeowners and neighbors who came to our meeting on Thursday. This was one of the best turnouts we've had in the 10 years of the Pipers Ridge HOA. We discussed how we are making good progress in collecting our outstanding membership dues. HOA President Kevin Beam explained the proper way to navigate a traffic circle, and gave a little history of the traffic circle (the Europeans have been using them since they started driving chariots.) We also discussed ways to keep our neighborhood safer and a nicer place to live. We determined that the HOA Board of Directors will also serve as the Architectural Review Committee, and that beginning in 2012, dues notices will be sent in January. We also published our new Enforcement Policy, designed with the help of The Williams Firm in Hickory, which spells out the procedure we will use for notifying residents of CCR violations, how to correct them, and what will happen if they do not correct violations. Visit for more information and find printable versions of all our governing documents.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Community Watch / HOA Meeting Nov. 17

We will be having a meeting of the Pipers Ridge Community Watch and Owners Association at 6:30 p.m. on November 17th in the community room of the Conover Police Department. If you are Pipers Ridge homeowner, please make plans to attend. There have been some pretty wild events happening at Pipers Ridge recently. Join us on November 17th to discuss with your neighbors and the Conover Police Department how to keep Pipers Ridge a peaceful and pleasant place to live.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Owners Association Dues

Just a reminder that Owners Association dues ($60 per year) are due for 2011. Most of you have already sent in your dues, but quite a few have not. We understand these are difficult economic times, but the community needs these funds for payment of street lights, groundskeeping on the common areas, insurance, and taxes. Currently the HOA has $3000 in outstanding dues that are in arrears, plus $900 in payments still outstanding for 2011.

That's the bad news. The good news is that almost all of the delinquent payments from previous years are owed by just 10 of our property owners. We'll be sending them a final request for payment of what they owe the HOA (which means, all the rest of us.) If they do not pay what they owe, they will be turned over to the HOA attorneys who will collect these funds PLUS attorneys fees. The attorneys fees will be substantial and more than the HOA dues, in most of these cases.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Phone # for Owners Association

The Pipers Ridge Owners Association has a new phone number that you can use to communicate with us at anytime. It is a local call from Conover and surrounding areas. Remember that if you have an emergency, you should call 911. This number is for Owners Association issues only.

(828) 615-8665

Monday, February 28, 2011

Community Watch Meeting

We have scheduled a meeting of the Pipers Ridge Community Watch for March 31 at 6:30 p.m., at the Conover Police Station. We will also be using this as a meeting of our Homeowners Association. Please try to attend.


Just a friendly reminder - please be a good neighbor and do not litter our neighborhood. If you see anyone else doing this, please discourage them. Thank you!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

"Better call B.J."

If you're like me, you've always got some home improvement or repair that needs to be done, but you don't know anyone to call to do it. I have recently had very positive experiences with BJM Home Improvement, and B.J. Mead. He has been totally professional, reliable, does excellent work, and charges reasonable rates. His company specializes in residential and light commercial repairs and remodelling. They can be reached at (828) 312-4459, or by email at I highly recommend BJ. (Greg H.)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Our meeting last night went well and we had a pretty good turn out. New board members have been elected. Nikki Cavin is the new HOA president and Brandon Cavin will serve as vice president. Nikki and Cavin are very interested in improving our neighborhood and keeping it a nice place to live. Michelle Dunn has agreed to remain as treasurer. She has done a terrific job over the last few years and we all appreciate her hard work. I hope everyone will join in and give Nikki and Brandon the support they need.

Please keep in mind that board members do not get paid for these jobs. They are strictly voluntary.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Picture of new Newton-Conover Middle School

The architects designing our new middle school have kindly provided us with a detailed artists rendering of what the new school will look like when completed. Click here to view the large .jpg image.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Traffic Circle

We'll be getting a traffic circle at the intersection of Northern Drive and County Home Road, sometime in the near future, to help with traffic from the new school. The Conover Planning Department has graciously provided us with a detailed rendering of the traffic circle. Click here to download the .pdf. The traffic circle or "roundabout" will include curbs and sidewalks.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Meeting July 12 at 6:00

A meeting of the Pipers Ridge Owners Association and Neighborhood Watch has been scheduled for July 12, between 6 and 8 pm, in the conference room of the Conover Police Department. Please make plans to attend.

Friday, March 19, 2010

We need your help

Our new maple and pear trees are now in place in the 2 main common areas. We need your assistance in keeping these young trees watered, for at least the next month or so, to ensure they get off to a good start. Any of our residents surrounding these common areas are encouraged to water the new trees (the ones closest to their hoses) at least every 3 days. The nursery recommends letting your hose run on low, directly over the tree's mulch, for 20 minutes or so. These trees will provide our neighborhood with beauty, a measure of privacy between the homes, and enhanced property values.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

East Side Common Area

Our landscaping company has examined the draining problem, and the problem of no grass, on the east side commons area. They have recommended we wait until fall and then grade that area and sow grass with matting to solve the erosion problem. Doing so earlier would get poor results, because planting grass after summer is over gives the new seedlings time to germinate and develop roots. For those of you who live along this commons area, rest assured we will address and correct this problem, sometime around Labor Day of this year.

In the meantime, the landscaping team will be planting a row of Red Maple and Cleveland Flowering Pear Trees along the arc at the top of this common area. We selected these trees because they are fast growing and are known for their sturdiness, ease of maintenance, and beauty. The trees will help with the erosion and will also provide a measure of privacy between the homes surrounding this area.

Read more about the Cleveland Flowering Pear Tree and the Red Maple.

Dues Notice

Please remember that our yearly association fee ($60) is due at the beginning of the year. A statement will be mailed to your address but you can pay your dues anytime, by sending your check to Pipers Ridge Owners Association, PO Box 471, Conover NC 28613. When you mail your check, remember to include your name and address so we can credit the right account.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Commons Areas

We would like to get some feedback on how to develop our commons areas. If your home borders one of our commons areas and you have any ideas for how to improve the commons area (planting trees, installing a picnic table, sowing grass, etc.) please let us know. We've asked for feedback on this issue several times but haven't received many suggestions. We feel that the homeowners whose property adjoins the commons would be most affected, so we would like to hear their opinions. For a map of the commons areas, visit our commons area web page.

Pipers Ridge Community Watch

Our community watch program is now official. Rev. Lonny McSherley is the chairman of our watch program, and our block captains are still being named. We would like to thank Capt. Eric Loftin of the Conover PD for his help in making this happen for us. If you would like to know more, send an email to or give us a call at 828.656.1775.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Community Watch Meeting Jan. 26 '2010

Our first official meeting for the Pipers Ridge Community Watch has been scheduled for January 26, 2010, at 6:30 p.m. at the Conover Police Department's training room. All adult residents and homeowners of Pipers Ridge are encouraged to attend. For more information, contact Greg at or Capt. Eric Loftin of the Conover PD at, or 828.695.2960. For more information, see our community watch page at

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Meeting to organize the Community Watch (11/18/09)

Our first Community Watch meeting had a reasonably good turnout of homeowners interested in the Watch program. Capt. Loftin of the Conover Police gave a good presentation and talk regarding the Watch program, the benefits of it, etc. The meeting took place in the new conference room of the Conover Police Department. We have been invited to use this modern meeting facility for future Watch meetings and other meetings involving the neighborhood.

We will be picking a date in late January to have our first organization meeting to select block captains and a manager for the Watch program. The Conover Police will be delivering a flyer to your door regarding this meeting, inviting you to attend and be part of our Community Watch, and explaining the benefits of attending and being involved - if you are interested.

During the meeting last night we became aware of several issues that residents at Pipers should be aware of. These included a theft of car wheels, guns being fired too close to our homes, suspicious activity in our undeveloped cul de sacs, an attempted break-in that was thwarted, and most of all - speeding and reckless driving thru the neighborhood. Capt. Loftin explained the best way to handle situations like these to prevent them from developing into more serious problems.

If you have any thoughts on the subject of our Neighborhood Watch, or would like to sign up to be a member and participant, please email us at

Community Calendar

We now have an interactive, printable community calendar at Just click on the 'Calendar' link in the menu bar across the top of each page. If you know of any events or special dates that should be posted on the calendar, let us know at Another feature we have added to the website is the Pipers Ridge Map. Click the 'Map' link in the menu bar for an interactive Google map of the neighboorhood. You can switch between map and satellite view.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New school coming to County Home / Northern Drive intersection

The county and city have approved construction of a new middle school to be built at the intersection of County Home and Northern Drive. This will be built on the Wagner Pointe side of County Home, on the lot south of Wagner Pointe. This should be good news for Pipers Ridge homeowners, as it should enhance our property values. Construction is set to begin in 2010. The following is quoted from

"During their meeting last night, the Newton-Conover City School board approved a request asking for an additional $19.7 million dollars in interest-free loans to build the new middle school, which is estimated to cost $21 million dollars. The school system is planning to build a new middle school at the intersection of County Home Road and Northern Drive in Conover. The school board has already requested just over $1.2 million dollars from the Qualified School Construction Bond program, which is part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Under the program, schools can receive zero-interest bonds for new construction, renovation or repairs to schools. The loans must be paid back within 12 years. Construction of the new middle school is scheduled to start in early 2010, and it is expected to be completed in 2012, with students in the building by that August. The school will have a core capacity of 950, with 800 students."

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Enforcing Restrictions

We've recently had requests from several of our homeowners, to approve additions to their property that were in conflict with the protective CCR's in our subdivision bylaws. One homeowner wanted to build a fence that would extend up alongside his house toward the front. We denied this because the CCR's specifically prohibit fences that extend forward past the back corners of the house. Another homeowner wanted to erect an aluminum carport over his paved driveway. This would have violated several clauses in the CCR's and we had to deny it. Not to mention, it would have made that whole section of the subdivision look bad. It is no fun having to tell our neighbors that they can't build things they need like this, but the board would not be doing its job if we didn't enforce the restrictions. What do you think about this? Feel feel to post your comments and suggestions here on the blog, or send your ideas to Your feedback is appreciated.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wagner Pointe

Our neighbors across the street at Wagner Pointe have their own website also, at You can visit and read about how they handle many of the same issues that we address at Pipers. One thing I noticed is that their yearly dues are significantly higher than ours.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Landscape Duties

We have posted a list of the duties that are performed by our landscaping team at We will use this web page in the future when collecting bids for this work. If you know of anything that needs to be added to this list, let us know.

Action Requests and Complaints

We have been advised by the attorneys representing the Owners Association to get any complaints made to the board in writing. This will give us greater leverage in the event any legal action is initiated by or against the Owners Association. It will also better enable us to enforce the protective restrictions, keeping our home values high and neighborhood a nice place to live. If you know of anyone who needs to file an action request, but who doesn't have access the the internet, let us know and we will print and deliver a form for them to use. If you prefer that we keep your request anonymous and leave your name out of it, then mention this in the description area. You can access the action request form at

Friday, January 30, 2009

Violating City Ordinances

If you are contacted by the city of Conover for violating any city ordinances, this is not the reponsibility of the Pipers Ridge HOA and you must take the issue up with Conover. However, any violation of city ordinances will probably be a violation of our HOA CCR's, so you might be hearing from the HOA also. You can read the Conover city ordinances at the following website: Conover City Ordinances.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Got photos?

Anyone who has nice photos of their home or of Pipers Ridge, and who would like to see them on our website, please send them to We need some nice new photos to show off our neighborhood. Thanks!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Reckless Driving at the Ridge

We have spoken to the Conover Police Department about the best way to deal with the reckless driving we've been seeing at Pipers. Their advice is as follows: everytime you see this, call the office at the Conover PD. Every single time. This is the non emergency number, 464-3112. (Don't call 911 unless it is a true emergency.) They will have a patrol car come through the neighborhood to investigate. They will have to catch these people in the act, before they can make an arrest or issue tickets. Also try to get a description of the car(s) involved and a license plate (if possible.) They emphasized that they would prefer that we called these incidents in, and that they will be glad to come by and investigate. They want to keep Pipers Ridge safe and peaceful just as much as we do.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Pipers Ridge Commons Areas

We want to make everyone aware of our common areas, which belong to all homeowners at the Ridge. To see a map of Pipers Ridge and the commons areas, goto, or select it from the Our Homeowners menu on the website. We'd like to thank Joshua Ritchie from Ritchies Lawn Care for taking care of the commons and keeping them trimmed and in good shape. Josh and his crew also do lawn care for individual homes. They do excellent work and charge reasonable rates. To reach them, go to

If you ever notice anything in the commons areas that needs attention, let us know and Josh will take care of it. Also - VERY IMPORTANT - please do not use the commons areas for dumping grass clippings, dirt, or anything else.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Association statements are in the mail...

Statements for Homeowners Association fees are in the mail for 2008. Many thanks to Michelle (our new Secretary/Treasurer) for all of her hard work and time spent on this. The secretary/treasurer's job is the most difficult one in the Association. Remember - we need these dues to pay for our landscaping, lighting and maintenance for the Pipers Ridge entrance sign, and insurance on the common areas. If possible, try to pay your yearly dues with one check ($60) which reduces the paperwork and overhead for both the Association and you.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Just a 'heads up'...

We have had just a few reports of property being stolen recently from back yards around the Ridge. It's nothing to be alarmed about, but it is something to be aware of. This is unfortunate, but was bound to happen sooner or later, as the area becomes more developed. It might be a good idea to keep your lawn mowers and your kids toys out of sight when you're not around to keep an eye on them. It's also wise to leave a low-wattage porch light on at night, and an even better idea to have automatic, motion-sensitive spot lights installed. They are not very expensive, work very well, and last a long time.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

New Board of Directors Elected

At our homeowner's meeting today, a new board of directors for the Owner's Association were elected. They are Greg Huffman, President, Michelle Dunn, Secretary/Treasurer, and Neil Stegman, Vice President. We would like to thank Ron Andrade, Randall Shull, and Mike Lingle for the excellent job they did during their tenure. Turnout for the meeting was a little light, but next time we hope to have more of our residents in attendance. Every home owner at the Ridge has a stake in the Owner's Association and a reason to attend the meetings and participate in decisions that are made on behalf of the neighborhood...

Monday, May 5, 2008

Pipers Ridge CCR's Now Available Online

The complete Pipers Ridge Codes, Covenants & Restrictions (CCR's) as filed with the county (including all amendments,) are now available for download in .pdf format. The download file is about 2.5 Mb, and about 45 pages in total. Just go to and click on the 'Owners Association' tab, then click the link for the CCR's. Thank you Jennifer!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Owners Association Meeting

Very Important! A meeting of the Pipers Ridge Owners Association has been scheduled for May 10, 2008, at 10:00 a.m. in the commons area on the north side of the Ridge. We will be selecting new board members at this time. If you would like to be a member of the board, please let us know. The positions are president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. It is very important that enough of our homeowners attend (or authorize someone to vote on their behalf) to have a quorum for electing new board members.

Forum Topics

If you have an issue that you would like posted and discussed on the Pipers Ridge Forum, or a news item that you would like to share with your neighbors, then write it up and send an email to and we'll post it for you.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Water Restrictions Have Been Eased

Conover water restrictions have been eased - slightly. Lawn irrigation will be allowed on Saturdays between the hours of 7am – 11am OR 7pm – 10pm. You can even wash your car once or twice per month. For details and specifics, see the official release from the City Of Conover Public Works Department at this link

Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to the Pipers Ridge blog. Please feel free to post your comments and suggestions, but be aware that anyone can read them. You don't even have to leave your name (we suggest you leave your first name and initial.)