Friday, January 30, 2009

Violating City Ordinances

If you are contacted by the city of Conover for violating any city ordinances, this is not the reponsibility of the Pipers Ridge HOA and you must take the issue up with Conover. However, any violation of city ordinances will probably be a violation of our HOA CCR's, so you might be hearing from the HOA also. You can read the Conover city ordinances at the following website: Conover City Ordinances.

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  1. I have noticed that according to the City of Conover ordinance, there are NUMEROUS violators in Pipers Ridge. According to the city there are not to be any one parking on the grass, whether it's in your front yard or across the street. After riding through the neighborhood, there are multiple people who do this, which is not a violation of the HOA but of City of Conover. I would hope that the ENTIRE Pipers Ridge neighborhood would have to follow these guidelines and that no particular family would be singled out, even though there appears to be harassment given to one particular family!! In closing, I will also state that according to the HOA, all fuel tanks (including propane tanks) are to be hidden so as not to be seen from the road or from any neighbor. As most of you know over time these tanks will rust and could be come an extreme eyesore that could further depreciation the value of neighbors homes. My hope is that the many violations that currently exist will be corrected in a timely manner!


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