Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Traffic Circle

We'll be getting a traffic circle at the intersection of Northern Drive and County Home Road, sometime in the near future, to help with traffic from the new school. The Conover Planning Department has graciously provided us with a detailed rendering of the traffic circle. Click here to download the .pdf. The traffic circle or "roundabout" will include curbs and sidewalks.


  1. I went by the planning office on Tuesday to see the drawings and ask questions. It seems that a light would require more money and land right of way. I'm just not sure that people around here will understand how to drive in it. Right now the DOT has not said anything about lowering the speed limit and all roads will have equal right of way. Not sure how this is going to work. Also, I'm concerned about dismissal of school with the number of cars that line up to pick up their kids. It should be interesting.

  2. I agree with Lisa, it will be interesting. But the traffic circle will definitely cause everyone to slow down at that intersection, which is good. Plus the city has done a good job thus far in making sure new developement (i.e. Walmart) is designed well. The circle looks like it is designed to make crossing on foot easier. Let's hope for the best.


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