Saturday, November 19, 2011

November Meeting A Big Success

We would like to say thanks to the many homeowners and neighbors who came to our meeting on Thursday. This was one of the best turnouts we've had in the 10 years of the Pipers Ridge HOA. We discussed how we are making good progress in collecting our outstanding membership dues. HOA President Kevin Beam explained the proper way to navigate a traffic circle, and gave a little history of the traffic circle (the Europeans have been using them since they started driving chariots.) We also discussed ways to keep our neighborhood safer and a nicer place to live. We determined that the HOA Board of Directors will also serve as the Architectural Review Committee, and that beginning in 2012, dues notices will be sent in January. We also published our new Enforcement Policy, designed with the help of The Williams Firm in Hickory, which spells out the procedure we will use for notifying residents of CCR violations, how to correct them, and what will happen if they do not correct violations. Visit for more information and find printable versions of all our governing documents.

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